Ruby Ash

Rinse + Repeat


Anxiety is a commonly felt emotion amongst creative types, which often hinders this group's mental and physical capacity to create. These feelings, however, are often normalised and misunderstood. Rinse + Repeat provides a structured framework for individuals suffering from anxiety and stress to engage with while creating. The self-generated information is designed to reveal connections, provide a context, and ultimately help to reduce one’s creative anxiety.
I am a designer who is passionate about creating fulfilling experiences with a uniquely personal touch. I enjoy the subtleties I can create within a design by using only small alterations to change one's perception. Experience design, print and brand identity are my specialties.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Rinse + Repeat is a book exploring the experimental process of overcoming creative anxiety
2 page spread inside the Rinse + Repeat book
2 page spread inside the Rinse + Repeat book
Post card images advertising the Rinse + Repeat project