Nikanda McHaffie



Incredibly high standards for classifying beauty exist, and direct comparisons are being made.
‘Expose’ explores; a) the contrasts between unrealistic standards of beauty that we, as women, are encouraged and urged to aspire to, and their comparison to reality. Also; b) the truth behind insecurities that are formed in relation to these standards.
This project hopes to inspire and encourage the act of self-acceptance and celebration.

I'm into clean and simple, yet effective, design approaches. I particularly dig editorial, typographic and print design media, and have a keen eye for detail.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
The branding for the project; emphasises the play on the double-meaning within the title.
Section opener for the first book. Introduces the 'image' aspect to the project.
Section opener for the second book. Introduces the idea of 'vulnerability' being considered as gold.