Maddi Skeggs



Within the context of New Zealand’s national identity lies two uncertanties:
Who we are as a nation? And how we want to be represented? Cluster explores these issues through a user-generated database and digital experience. At it’s core, Cluster allows the representation of New Zealand to be in the hands of New Zealanders. It grows and adapts as we do, reflecting what’s important to us as individuals and what we stand for as a nation.
I’m a big picture thinker who uses design as a way to communicate, problem solve and transform experiences. I’m most passionate about experience and interaction design – both of which are user-centric. For me, the best designs are not just beautiful, but also useful and meaningful.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Cluster is a crowd-sourced data visualisation system that places national identity into the hands of New Zealanders.
Cluster uses a collaborative database to bring New Zealanders together through their shared values.
Cluster manifests as a digital experience - allowing New Zealanders to contribute to and interact with the collaborative database.
Cluster gives New Zealanders the opportunity to explore and represent their national identity in a inclusive and collaborative way.