Joseph Collicoat

Interstellar Identification


Interstellar Identification takes a speculative approach to identifying the Earth and its inhabitants in the context of interstellar exploration. Human DNA and a map of our solar system has been encoded in this ‘identity’ in its most basic scientific forms with the intention of being decipherable by an alien audience — with no preconceptions of Earth or humanity to help with understanding.
I am a digital designer, with a passion for web design and development. I gravitate towards implementing consistent design systems in my work, which I feel is important in the pixel-perfect world of web. Visually, I spend a lot of time working with vector-based artwork and iconography.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
A depiction of Earth, encapsulated by the molecules of human DNA.
Complete visual system, depicting our solar system (scaled mathematically) and the molecular composition of each planet's atmosphere.
Three-dimensional form of the Earth information.