Jo-Angelique Araiza

The Body Project


The Body Project is a digital platform designed to increase understanding, and spread awareness, of eating disorders. It offers measures that enable a person to explore and better understand the relationship they have with their body image, to improve and/or minimising the risk of developing a condition. It aims to build a social support system that offers encouragement and motivation in overcoming issues around negative body image.
I am into typography and abstract design. Simplicity and minimalist is the target in any design I create as I want to portray the deeper essence of my ideas, so to can relate to its audience profoundly. I also enjoy interactive design and print design so I utilised techniques as much as I can.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
The primary image envisions to show the audience that there is no perfect body standard thus distinctive body shape and size exists.
The overlapping style of the title, The Body Project, signifies the idea of unity, despite of differences so to reach out and build a community.