Hannah Jensen

Coming of Age


Coming of Age explores the development of growth and identity. Style Shrimp (aka Hannah Jensen) is a well known blogger committed to using personal stories to inspire and guide girls on a path they want to make. With morals based around enhancing love of the self, confidence and teaching creative practices, Coming of Age is the guide we all wish we had to let us know it’s okay to not be okay.
An empathetic designer that wedges wit and charm into every project. You’ll find me drawing the line between humour, word play and illustration. I’m passionate about delivering experiences and using design for good with the mission to make the world a more creative space, one design at a time.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
The Coming of Age Pack welcomes you into a Style Shrimp world
The kit supplies the user with everything they need to complete the DIY within the pages.
A peak inside the package
The website where the persona of Style Shrimp was born