Geena Wimsett



Duality is a series of images that tell a story of victory and empowerment in relation to gender. Duality also focuses on bringing the acceptance and strength found in fantasy worlds into reality. The series aims to communicate that fantasy and reality are not that different and that if we can bring ourselves to show acceptance and safety in one world, why not the other? In doing so, Duality prompts the user to question society’s rules regarding gender expression so as to make a better reality for youth outside the norm.
As a visual communication designer, I understand and appreciate the significance of the image and how it can challenge or reinforce the status quo. My designs seek to be visually appealing and deliver messages and stories that prompt people to reflect on themselves and the state of the world.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Key Illustration of one of the fantasy scenes in the series.
Cover view.
Open display view.
Flat spread view.
Open spread reveal view.