Farren Gunn

Hair Me Out


I’m a redhead and like many other redheads, have faced years of torment and ridicule simply because of a genetic mutation. Gingerism is one of the last socially acceptable forms of prejudice. ‘Hair Me Out’ explores a range of real redheads’ experiences told through the life of a single redheaded character. The aim is to bring the effects of discrimination of redheads to light and create empathy through photography and type.
I am a visual communicator with a passion for print based design. Most of my time has been spent as an illustrator but in my final year I have added editorial design and typography to my skill set. I enjoy focusing on human centred design and addressing social issues.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Canvas hard cover with orange binding thread to embody a redhead's pale complexion, thick skin and orange hair.
Addressing the myth that 'gingers don't have souls'
SPF 50+ cut out page to show the sun coming through to sunburn the white page.
Wash your dirty face' - redheads being discriminated for having freckles
Redheads having thick skin is not enough anymore as the constant torment becomes too much.