December Grey

Their World


Characters with obvious mental illness are under-represented in media. With Their World, I created a sci-fi comic about a lone alien's journey to find purpose and meaning in a foreign mechanical world. This metaphor shows how 'alienating' having depression can feel, with robots symbolising the lack of emotional depth others have compared to our protagonist. By using narrative and rhetoric, I craft a journey that encourages empathy in readers.
I am a designer-illustrator who seeks to inspire and improve peoples wellbeing through my work. I use traditional and digital methods to create immersive worlds of the imagination. My inspirations are fantasy and sci-fi genres, which I use as an allegory for every day life and my own experiences.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Their World - Major Project. A journey of self realization helps our protagonist see that what was 'their world' has ultimately become 'our world'.
Their World - Major Project. A close-up of Flux and their usual gloomy expression. Ink Lines + Paint Tool SAI.
Their World - Major Project. Our protagonist has a hard time getting on with the locals, especially at meal time. :) Paint Tool SAI.
Their World - Major Project. (P. 4+5) A spread from my final comic. Paint Tool SAI.
Xeyth Project - Original character and artwork from a personal project/comic. Paint Tool SAI.