Corina Reitemeyer



Infinite is a website and virtual reality experience, which explores how, in the future, we could remember people and moments in our lives. The website utilises 2D digital assets and turns them into a VR memory space for the family to experience. Each space is a reflection of the individual. This provides the family with a digital heirloom in the case of someone passing on and a snapshot in time for cultural and historical documentation.
As a German-Kiwi designer in the field of visual communication, I like to explore topics involving culture and identity and to embrace the issues and opportunities that lie within them. My design practice tends to be digitally based and concentrates on little issues that we are not always aware of.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Infinite was inspired by digital memories on cloud servers, memories being thoughts that are revisiting the past, and families being a stellar network.
Families on Infinite are connected through a stellar network. Each star in your constellation represents your memory space.
Memory spaces can be metaphorical or converted from a recorded memory. These virtual spaces are accessible through a Virtual Reality headset.
An interface within the VR space lets you access the memories that are embedded into the 3D objects.
If you have a physical memory, such as a printed photograph, Infinite can convert that into a virtual space for you to experience.