Claudia Lee



30/20 proposes a behavioural change for New Zealand women who currently enjoy spending excessive time in the sun. Glorifying shade, 30/20 aims to promote sun safe behaviours and attitudes. The over arching campaign creates awareness, the umbrella product creates action, and they app creates habit.
Claudia is a vibrant creative designer with a particular interest in graphics, editorial and experience design. Currently a Capital Magazine intern, Claudia hopes to pursue a career in the magazine industry or head down the path of advertising.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
30/20 combines several touch points including an app, posters, umbrellas, stickers, cocktail umbrellas.
The umbrella is used as the hero within this campaign. 30/20 aims to make being in the shade fashionable with umbrellas designed by NZ designers
Taking shade breaks from the sun will reduce UV intensity and your sunburn risk, and means your tan will be healthier and longer-lasting
This app allows you to individualise your own sun time, to avoid over exposure and sun damage