Charlotte Taylor



Creative block is something every designer will experience in their life time. SWITCH was created to help people get through this by watching other inspiring designers talk about their own creative processes. Through using the website and watching the videos, users can gain skills and inspiration from other designers who have experienced creative block before and come through to the other side feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their project.
I am very interested in user centred design, typography, print, and UX and UI design. I really enjoy the ideation and strategic thinking processes and I am passionate about creating powerful thought provoking design.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Home page of SWITCH website- describing to the audience what the site is and giving examples of the videos, challenges and work examples.
Video page of the website, here you can see the featured designer, try their challenge and view their work.
My likes page, collecting everything the user has ever liked while using SWITCH.