Alfred Hoi

Fearful Harmony


Fearful Harmony is both an exploration and speculation of the relationship between designer and machine as a means to delve into a different aesthetic and experience of our devices. It acts as a provocation for us to become more involved with the tools we use, seeing them more for their material worth rather than function alone.
I'm a graphic designer interested in code and interactive experiences, yet no matter the medium, I always aim to create memorabilia. I prefer to be experimental in my design process in order to think of abstract ideas and to design engaging aesthetics.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Visual Communication
Setup of OK Human; an experiment speculating into the semiotics of our interactions with the machine.
OK Human explores how the machine can influence the user's attitude and behaviour towards it.
A collection of supporting material, spreads from the publication and the landing page of the website.
Static Haze is our second experiment, speculating how the machine can interact with the user.