Sydney Lash



Magnetite aims to reinvigorate an appreciation for natural and scientific wonders of the world through magnets. The magnetic textiles created in this collection, display the richness, mystery and wonder that is felt when witnessing magnetic forces.
Natural silk, hematite and iron sand filings encorporate the natural world into the embellishments of these textiles, while utilising traditional textile processes.
I am a textile designer passionate about exploring embellishment and texture for apparel. I take my inspiration from the natural and scientific world and combine them together in one garment. I specialise in beading, hand embroidery and digital embroidery to create rich and luxurious textiles.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Textiles
Neoprene and iron sand dress created for "Magnetite" collection, capturing the sculptural forms of magnetic forces
Neoprene and black iron sand dress depicting structural magnetic forms
Silk digitally printed dress featuring drawings made using magnetic fields
Digitally embroidered, hand beaded and appliquéd kimono
Details of digitally embroidered, hand beaded and appliqued kimono