Sarah Joubert

Waterfront Lido


Waterfront Lido is an open-air hot pool designed for Taranaki Wharf in Wellington. Based on the idea that shared experiences strengthen ties between people and place, the design encourages a sense of belonging through the activity of bathing. It facilitates unexpected encounters and intimate gatherings between people while responding to the changing weather conditions of the site.
I’m thrilled to have spent the past four years crafting my skills in spatial design, and am looking forward to applying these to a job opportunity soon. I am a team player in all aspects of life so I thrive in-group situations, from design to sport and everyday tasks.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Spatial
The Lido is built in the cut out on Taranaki Wharf in Wellington. It is positioned alongside the diving platform to encourage its use all year round.
The harbour water is filtered and heated during the winter months so people desire to use the site all year-round.
The pool has pockets of spaces where people can choose to sit or swim, allowing for groups to form as the space is populated.
This section cut shows different levels in the design. Also marked are the changing water levels that fill the pools.