Rochelle Treymane

Tools for Self Care


Tools for Self Care serves to instruct, aid, equip and choreograph performances of self care. Individual methods and practices are distilled into scores. These scores are then performed and documented as video art to create a series of transferable tools. Operating on the notion that everyday life is performance, these tools act as guides for future performances of self care.
As a spatial designer I have explored and have a passion for the future and development of public, commercial and residential space with an interest in product design. My most valued focus is the creation of experiences and atmosphere for the users of space.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Spatial
Strip; performed by Rochelle Treymane.
Control; written by Amber Strain.
Squeeze; performed by Rochelle Treymane.
Sit, cry, 2min; written by Rochelle Treymane.
Strip; performed by Sopanha Kham.