Rachel Cross

Reconfigure Recreation


Reconfigure Recreation responds to Tawa’s existing recreation building and proposes a reconfigured space that shows the users’ journeys. Observation and analysis of user behaviour in the existing spaces revealed three concerns that have been pivotal to the building's redesign, exploring the potential for heightened user experiences. The reconfigured spaces attempt to extend the building's use to the wider community.
I am a spatial designer interested in user experience and community design. I have a passion for sport outside of my design study so I have combined my interests of sport and design for my exposure exhibition.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Spatial
Image from the point of view of spectator sitting on the stands looking out to the joint gym space
The single gym space in the existing recreation building - isolated and splits the facility decreasing the overall communal essence
The reconfigured floor plan - showing the redesigned sections and how they improve the user experience throughout the building