Greer Carmine



Diversion is a redesigned urban stairway that incorporates elements of play, exercise and rest to evoke enjoyment and attract pedestrians throughout the day and night. The pedestrian has multiple options to prompt alternative activity or continue on the more ordinary pathway. Challenging a person's perception of a formidable route, it acts to attract rather than repel.
Greer Carmine is a cross disciplinary designer graduating in spatial design. Greer is passionate about the potential for urban design to create captivating and inviting spaces out of seemingly dead sites and bring together all different types of people.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Spatial
Sectional perspective showing the Diversion stairway as a whole.
Perspective view of lower stairway entrance looking up to show range of pedestrian interaction.
Perspective view of the slides and terraced nets.
Late evening perspective of the light pole features and light up climbing wall.