Emma Calkin

Made Home


The 'Made Home' lighting collection reimagines the details of the Victorian Villa, exploring the notion of home. The home has a phenomenological impact, and in this project, it is explored as a place of intimacy. in the same way that he experience of home is of intimate warmth, the Villa form is a comforting memory of warmth. By extracting forms and methods from Villa architecture, this lighting collection is handcrafted using traditional methods; it extracts the narrative of the past into the present.
As a spatial, I have a love for interior space, home decor, textiles and landscape design. My practice explores interior design through hand craft. My designs reflect learning traditional crafts creating a narrative through a modern context.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Spatial
Made Home lighting collection Design 1
Made Home Design 2
Victorian Villa Finial
Made Home Design
Made Home Design 3