Anna Harriet Hamilton

Dwelling through mine hand


Dwelling of an intimate nature as an act requires a performer’s body, a hand the necessary tool to document such an event. The hand also provides the bridge between each of these acts (still being attached to the performer’s body)–it is a facilitator to knowledge of space. But this hand is mine, a subjective response to this space called home.
Graduate in Spatial Design; committed toward the design of poetic space, a lived experience of our surrounding architecture, and sustainable solutions–a given for design in today's world. These solidify the foundations for a particular passion–design for Aotearoa's domestic architecture.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Spatial
Profound rhetoric on the boundaries of body with home.
Stitching letters/I have sewn my garment, now too intimate to be worn.
Armchair/a friendship, companionship, home within object.
Mini zines/take away home, a slice of my thoughts.
Curated dialogue/Dwelling on the line of body and mind illuminates the home (manifesto).