Amber Strain



Anamnesis is a surreal fabrication of sourced and found material. Each component of the piece draws from sensory data to recreate a moment in space-time. My work aims to unpack the experience of memory using virtual assets. I have come to learn that the design experience is often driven by a fierce nostalgia and obsession with reliving the past. I have taken many liberties, curating my own thoughts, and manipulating the reformed memory to my liking.
As a Spatial Designer, Art History, and Illustration enthusiast I enjoy exploring surreal concepts in my work. My practice reflects my ambition in taking on new mediums to my advantage. As a person cats and cartoons are my thing. I’m not bad at Hockey, Tennis, and Mountain Biking either.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Spatial
My exploration led me to create virtual spaces such as this scene, that use literal and qualitative components to create a piece that embodies memory.
Opening title scene, preparing the viewer for the journey into the surreal unknown space.
The spaces, colours, and animations express qualitative moments from within my past experience.
This project became a critique about reflection and reliving the past, a discussion about letting go and living in the present.
Certain motifs that feature throughout the experience are more literal than others, each object has meaning imbedded in it's design.