Doug Rothery

The Finish Line


My project stems from a belief I have that society becomes too content with their place in life. They create a ‘finish line’ in their head and once they are there they settle for what they have. I am saying that we shouldn’t be living our life going from point A to point B, but should always be on a path of self improvement. I also see potential commercial applications for this style of film - this could be the model for other projects.
Doug's work is informed from his experience within the Commercial Photography and Videography field. He thrives on using his creative talent to push clients' dreams to the next level. His tenacity for perfection combined with his fresh new ideas is what sets him apart from the rest.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Photography
The journey of life continues, always onwards, always upwards.
Climbing this mountain for years, Clinging desperately to dreams.
The struggle seems endless as the journey continues, Night and day on a path, that lasts for years.
The sounds gets louder, the cheering grows stronger and happiness is, inevitable.