Danielle Whittington



Extrusion' uses relatively new 3D imaging technology, to immerse a viewer in a transformed depiction of the everyday, thereby creating a new perspective. The development of photographic technology has deeply impacted the way we live our lives. Establishing itself within the historical narrative of discovery, Extrusion encourages viewers to go on their own journey of visual discovery.
Danielle is a photographic artist who is interested in how photography and technology collide to create new perspectives of the everyday. Danielle uses photographic manipulation as a key part of her practice to draw all three of these ideas together.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Photography
Image 1/5 titled 'Rubbish' in the series 'Extrusion'
Image 2/5 titled 'Dead Flowers' in the series 'Extrusion'
Image 3/5 titled 'Washing Line' in the series 'Extrusion'