Brittany Taigen Hughes

Flesh & Blood


‘Flesh and Blood’ is an exploration of the role photography can play in facilitating a method for discussion around the nature of familial truths. Using coloured fluids and studio photography to engage with this unveiling of narratives, we come to understand that there will always be varied histories and truths within the family unit. These photographs attempt to understand what it means to be family, beyond flesh and blood.
As a photographic artist, my interests emerge from a place of curiosity and creativity. My work is often quite diverse, though it is similar in the way in which I approach a project. For me, it’s about using photography to push the boundaries to find a way to communicate a concept or story visually.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Photography
Estranged from Family
6lb 3oz
Attractive Baby
Not Markedly Maori in Appearance