Bethany Mitchell

The Weight of Living


‘The Weight of Living' is a publication that explores stories of love, loss, sex & violence through photography and text elements. It acts as a contemporary exploration of feminine vulnerability in a climate that has historically and culturally shamed and hidden these experiences. Sourced from anonymous text submissions and self reflective documentary, its content speaks to a power of unity in an experience shared.
Bethany Mitchell is a Wellington based designer and still life photographer. Her work focuses on the balance of text & image with a focus on feminism and other aspects of social politics.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Photography
Hinderance. Bethany Mitchell 2017. Digital Photograph.
Back Alley. Bethany Mitchell 2017. Digital Photograph.
S E X Y // U N S E X Y. Bethany Mitchell 2017. Digital Photograph
You Are What You Eat. Bethany Mitchell 2017. Digital Photograph.