Nik Sala

Chart A. (enantiodromia)


Via various approaches of attitude and media I’m engaged in primarily a psychological process investigating culturally received ideas dealing with opposites and contested territories of knowledge and subjectivity.

Amplification into various semiotic taxonomies, methods and actions of imagination, reversals and collisions of binaries seeking an ‘irrational third’ or temporal unities as assemblage are means of orientation and navigation.

One of these methods, construction of logographic devices called sigils, after English artist Austin Osman Spare, is central to my practice.

A sigil is an imagistic symbol resembling in appearance language glyphs, religious or magickal seals, graphic formulations of mathematical manifolds, and so on. They both represent and enact an idea, intention, desire, as a goal and outcome.

At the end of construction a sigil is usually destroyed; a structured negation, a kind of forgetting or banishment from conscious awareness is undertaken.

Towards my own purposes and projects I tend to reverse and extrude that, encasing the sigils construction further in aesthetically considered conditions and oscillations, variously material and visual, historical and theoretical narratives, ‘remembering it’ as art, allegorizing and embodying it in elusive subjective moments as psychoanalogue.
Master of Fine Arts Master of Fine Arts
Chart A. (enantiodromia)
ceramic, salt, ash, acrylic paint, builders paper, pen & felt-tip drawings on paper
ceramic, salt