David Matthews



David Matthews' 2017 MFA project "Mokoroa" is an audio-visual work combining mediums of audio, video, performance, and sculpture. "Mokoroa" explores expanded notions of music utilising dissonance and non-musical sound, noise, cinematic techniques, atmospheric and environmental, as a soundscape or score for a performance embodying aspects of personal history, identity and culture.
David Matthews is a 31 year old Wellington based multi-media artist. Originally from New Zealand’s South Island, David moved to Wellington in 2011, graduated with a BFA (1st class hons) from Massey University in 2015, and is currently working through completing a MFA.
Master of Fine Arts Master of Fine Arts
David Matthews, "Mokoroa", 2017, video
David Matthews, "Mokoroa", 2017, video
David Matthews, "Mokoroa", 2017, sculpture