Celia Walmsley

The Epitome of an Oxymoronic Endeavour: Collaborative performative photography between still and movement artists


An Oxymoronic Endeavour is a collaboration combining two oxymoronic (apparently contradictory) art forms where one artist is also the subject. The choreography and performance occurred only for creating the images and exist only in the resulting ‘performative’ photographic work. The work explores the binary of being creator and performer and the liminal space in between. It breaks with the conventional relationship of photography to dance.
Celia Walmsley is a fine art photographer working primarily with dance artists. Exploring ‘performative’ photography (performance made for camera), collaboration, agency and expanded authorship her latest work is a collaboration with dancer/choreographer Jessie McCall. Celia is completing an MFA.
Master of Fine Arts Master of Fine Arts
Performing the dance phrase - the choreographer is challenging herself and performing for us.
Creating the Movement Phrase - the multi-shot images of the creation of the choreography condense and collapse time and space in an oft-random way.
The Liminal Space - between creator and performer the choreographer asserts herself in the room and ‘witnesses’ her work and its audience.
Performing the Movement Phrase - for the camera in an unconventional representation, which can be read as a whole which a movement phrase is.
An inherent oxymoron - something soft, strong, malleable and moveable converted into, and contained within, something set, hard, framed and still.