William Buckley

Backcountry Skiing Safety


I have designed an avalanche safety kit for the resort backcountry skier. This kit boils avalanche gear down to the absolute essentials for survival in the alpine backcountry area. This is to minimise the clutter and size of the gear taken so that people aren’t put off by the inconvenience of practicing this activity safely. It includes a transceiver, probe, shovel and RECCO reflectors on each face of the kit.
I am an industrial designer, interested in creating innovative approaches to certain aspects of life. A passion for the outdoors and certain activities inspires my interest in designing gear and equipment to enhance the experience people have.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Industrial
AviSlack Kit: An avalanche safety kit for resort backcountry skiers
Context image of the kit at the snow
Side view showing slim profile and transceiver pouch
The different parts of the kit