Fin Lewis

How to Train your Table


Transforming with the uniqueness and individuality of us all, I have designed a coffee table that can grow up with the family. Finding the core essence of how everyone shares their living spaces, I combined traditional and modern design and building techniques to find balance between the users no matter what the age. A universally sized centre piece with interchangeable tops and bases so you can have it any way your family needs.
I'm not too sure how I want to fit in as industrial designer. I see myself working in many different industries over my carrier. I love furniture, sci-fi, electronics and gadgets... all the way to toys and puzzles.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Industrial
The Russ - A coffee table inspired by the connection of family and friends
Transforms out into a table for any group based game your can imagine.
Up close with the inside of the lids
After your done playing it is an easy pack away back to normal.