Brittany McCracken



ExoSurface is a temporary walkway which enables the public to traverse disrupted surfaces in a post-earthquake environment. This system consists of five components that can be reconfigured to adapt to any surface scenario. It is light weight and geometrically simple to ensure effective deployment and efficient storage.
As a designer I aim to create products that are of great benefit to people and their experiences. I find curiosity in the functions and processes behind all things whilst actively being inspired by fun, unconventionality and sustainability.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Industrial
A two lane, straight configuration of the system (with ramp) in context on a post-quake, broken glass disrupted footpath
A single lane, sideways bump, ExoSurface system configuration
A single lane, 4-way junction, ExoSurface system configuration
Exploded view of the handrail component showing the solar panels and LED light that light the walkway at night
The puzzle join that connects all ExoSurface platform components together