Robert Laking

untιttled jot and t.ttle


Where some write verse, I write riddle. Sometimes amusing, oft-times for musing. Since language is my primary medium, my practice is generally immaterial. In the case of untιttled (1), the object exists as art for art’s sake. Despite this, its meaning is derivative to a T, as well as the literal lack thereof. This decision is not cynical; I am no cynic. As a matter of fact, if you must know, I simply have cryptical inclinations.
Steadfast in being as fastidious as I am facetious, I work with pith and with wit. This results in hyper-analysed assemblages of words presenting as sentences. Thus, perusing for meanings is best pursued through contemplation and parsing, rather than consideration in passing.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
untιttled (1) 2016-17. Casting Plaster, Minion Pro 'i', Typographic Vernacular
dematic (2015)
dematic (2015)
the everyday is no longer every-day, when separated from the every day (2016)