Olivia Courtney

Idiosyncratic, Contemplative Spaces.


With screens dominating our visual experiences and our desire for instant information, I am interested in paint as a slower medium. Mediating through feeling and process I combine a vocabulary that remains open to interpretation. The act of painting reflects aliveness, exchange with paint physically means the visual experience of the spaces are contemplative and emotional. I am challenging the viewer to apprehend, embody the information presented.
My practice is an enquiry into what painting can offer that screen based media cannot. My interests lie within the formal language of painting, using collage as a vehicle to mediate this vocabulary. Exploring tensions between colour, form and paint materiality, I create idiosyncratic spaces on the canvas.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
Process Image, Olivia Courtney, 2017.
Close-up process image, 2017.
Close-up process image, 2017.
Close-up process image, 2017.