Lara Lindsay-Parker

Everything lies in the potential to be disappointed


This project is a series of videos that serves as an open ended enquiry into our ever complicated human relationship with technology through avenues of nostalgia, empathy, anthropomorphism, identity and subjectivity. How has technology come to exist as the well intentioned attention capitalist that is equally hollow and seductive giving out seconds of pseudo pleasure; a dopamine kick that both compels and sedates us.
Built on the metaphorical premise that technological objects have emotional capacity, my practice navigates the ways female identity is constructed through technological interfaces. Working in moving image, I aim to disrupt feelings of apathy towards the trajectory of our techno-social condition.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
Star Crossed' [video still] 1 min 32 sec
Webcam untitled' [video still] 2 min 4 sec
Sad @ the beach' [video still] 4 min 23 sec