Kate Mah

Surrounding Lands


A personal affinity for the natural environment leads the pursuit for a more holistic engagement with the land. The physical and metaphoric qualities of walking form a connection between oneself and a site. Through this connection, I reconsider the understandings of landscape and develop a deeper relationship with the environment. My artworks respond to experience, as gathered materials and recorded data reflect upon and embody specific places.
I walk to meditate, systematically cataloguing my natural surroundings. I cede control of the formal and aesthetic elements within the artwork to the intrinsic qualities of the site. Processes of natural dyeing and weaving provide a physical expression in which I document and embody my experiences.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
Kaharore (in situ), 2017, naturally dyed and handwoven wool, 575 x 465mm
Kaharore, 2017, naturally dyed and handwoven wool, 575 x 465mm
Detail of Kaharore, 2017
Detail of Paparangi, 2017
Detail of Tarikākā, 2017