Jess Adlam

Unframed Series


Lines seem to be the most natural way of describing exploration as a line - a path - tends to lead to unforeseen places. From collections of lines, pathways form where you never thought they would, building more and more connections across the canvas. Unframed Series pushes this concept further by manipulating the edges and forms of the canvas to create more pathways, it drives a conversation between the works both framed and unframed.
My practice revolves entirely around lines. Each line bends to its parallel, growing in shape and form as every new line is painted. I use colour to push and pull the pathways that develop out of this process and to manipulate the eye’s interpretation of foreground and background.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
Studio view, 2017
Big Guy, 2017
Tangelo, 2017
Zesty!, 2017