Holly Walker

Vagina table


She is about the feminine erotic. She directs participants bodies in her space. She suggests, demands how an audience navigates her. She sits heavy on the floor, taking up space. Unapologetically confronting. sex. her sex. Filled with aphrodisiacs she nourishes, fulfils. We consume. I want to slow down consumption and emphasise indulgence. She will provoke the act of edible consumption, as a performance of erotic intimacy.
I am a performance artist exploring the abundant realm of feminine sexuality and the erotic. Using my own body politics and the echoes of women before and with me to support the creation of my works. I want to make space, to indulge in the ‘unladylike’, the human.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
vagina table performance. 2017
vagina table. 2017