Harris Clook

Anamorphosis and the Fourth Dimension


“Anamorphosis and the Fourth Dimension” employs the concept of anamorphosis as a procedural tool in conjunction with the intrinsic qualities of paint in a manner that seeks to challenge the quasi-perceptual illusions of depth within the space of a two-dimensional surface. The application of paint and arrangement of elements concentrates upon locations where edges meet to generate tension, energy, and dialogue.
Using the intrinsic qualities of my paint, I have developed an abstract painting methodology. Treating anamorphosis and dimensional form as my procedural tools, I manipulate simple shapes through a combination of light and form resulting in the creation of new shapes and compositions.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
"Anamorphosis and the Fourth Dimension 1/2" acrylic on canvas 40" x 44"
Process photo of "Anamorphosis and the Fourth Dimension 2/2."