Wairata Warbrick

Mā Whero & Mā


Mā Whero & Mā is a collection inspired by traditional Māori craft, ancestral lands and histories. I felt a disconnect to my Māori heritage, therefore this collection is an exploration into this side of my identity. I have utilised design lines and embellishments as a way to bring mana and beauty to my collection while also paying tribute to the Pink and White Terraces, an ancestral land.
As a fashion designer my designs are my story, they reflect my ancestry and they empower me to grow as a bi-cultural woman. As I am both Māori and Pakeha I draw inspiration from both by cultures to make me a better designer.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Fashion
Mā Whero & Mā comprising of Taniko Cape, Taniko Wrap dress, P&W Long Dress and P&W Jumpsuit. Photographer: Chevron Hassett
P&W Jumpsuit and Taniko cape, skirt and P&W Top. Photographer: Chevron Hassett
Taniko Wrap Dress, P&W Long dress. Photographer: Chevron Hassett