Jacob Coutie



The concept of the collection is about whanau and iwi. Librā addresses how we identify ourselves within a community and whether or not that affects our own individuality. The word ‘balance’ is the most manifested term for the collection. The garments reflect influence from our family/respected community.
Jacob Couties' work often follows conceptual narratives that uses clothing as form of visual communication. This is effective through his use of layering with softer weight fabrics paired against heavier weighted garments. Couties' clothes frequently display formality, vulnerability and authority.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Fashion
Librā army jacket (upholstery) Librā Dog Tags (Heat treated stainless steel)
Librā police vest (upholstery). Lined Tank (cotton linen/Silk Georgette). Circle skirt (cotton linen)
Librā Drape dress, Librā overshirt coat (silk crepe de chine). Army combat trousers (upholstery)
Librā Army Suit Jacket, Librā Army Slim Pant (upholstery)
Librā leather shawl (leather). Librā Draped tunic, Vest (silk crepe de chine). Cropped Trouser (upholstery)