Anna Wilson

No Natural Looks


No Natural Looks is an exploration into an alternate fantasy world through costume. It is inspired by the theory of rave and how performance-type spaces can be an escape from everyday negativity. It is a much-needed escape from the everyday to a magical ‘Elsewhere’ – a utopian rave world. The characters are bathed in hedonistic seduction and invite audiences to join them in the Elsewhere, like rave sirens luring unsuspecting victims to pure bliss.
Anna really enjoys the glitz and glam of the nightlife involved in the rave scene and performances like circus and cabaret. This has inspired her design interest of costuming for live performances, festivals and quirky statement pieces. She hopes to get to Las Vegas and drown in rhinestones.
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Fashion
Fairy & Witch Bodysuits worn by Tian Gan & Nakita Fox
Amazon & Witch Bodysuits worn by Kelly Wills & Nakita Fox
Pixie Corset, Leotard & Panty worn by Victoria Hopgood / Amazon Bodysuit worn by Kelly Wills