Manon Aulon-Elphick

Girls Can't Skate


In a small New Zealand town flooded with stoners, the homeless and perverts, 14-year-old Santoria and her best friend Lyric try to challenge the inevitable cycle their environment breeds. With an out of control mother Marlene and drug leeching brother Derek, Santoria needs to escape. Town bully Caleb and his two shadows Mitt and Monroe pass their time committing petty crime and getting high at the local skatepark.
I was raised watching films in a small town called Marton, there wasn’t a lot to do so I lived through my imagination and started making films when I was 12 years old. I now specifically write, direct and edit. My films explore raw and realistic material in an unconventional way.
Bachelor of Creative Media Production Creative Media Production
Short film trilogy
The escape
A boy who dances