Nik Sala

Chart A. (enantiodromia)


Each juncture of presentation and manifestation in my practice iterates movement through psychospiritual stages, amplification, reversals, opposites, and invocation as orientation and navigation. The present work, a reconfiguration of a found map and objects, functions as a chart locating convergences of symbolic-imaginal signs, matter-mind interactions and extrusion as a 'positive' of a smaller scaled 'negative' originary work (doubled).
Nik Sala is a mystic-practitioner-occultist currently working as an artist. His practice addresses magick, religious and psychospiritual concerns using imagery, objects and space. He occupies a Land of Nowhere, in relative darkness.
Master of Fine Arts Master of Fine Arts
Chart A. (enantiodromia)
ceramic, salt, ash, acrylic paint, builders paper, pen & felt-tip drawings on paper
ceramic, salt